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About us

MEC is one of the leader brands created by COMBE POWER for industrial solutions. Through MEC pumps & engines we develop international quality products, tested in well renowned national laboratories that comply with the electric regulations by IRAM. A timely response to any need is guaranteed by the large available stock in our premises and the logistics of the post sale services. Our goal is to keep growing with our clients by always improving our technologic resources.


  • To provide comprehensive solutions to develop the industry and the society as a whole. These solutions are based on a solid working team and on the vast experience that tells us that by “doing the things right” we are mutually binding and we are responsible for the improvement of life, with a commitment of fluid movement and permanent energy.
  • To offer the attention the customer needs and to guarantee a quality and top of the notch service as a milestone that sustains our every day work and motivates us to responsibly act towards the future.
  • To promote the values of responsible work, trust and honesty with a solid business proposal with permanence in the market.


  • Committed to the growth of our society and with the use of proactive business policies, our goal is to become leaders in industrial solutions.
  • Maintain a harmonic and efficient environment in our work force to obtain respect and trust from our current and potential clients.
  • The certainty that the effort to improve our work is a commitment with collective progress is what guides us.


E-Mail: info@mec-argentina.com.ar